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2018 ABI Holiday Homes


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 Please see a full list of the New 2018 ABI Model Range listed below

40 years in the perfecting

Creating stunning Holiday Homes which offer years of enjoyment doesn't just happen by chance. It takes the dedication and imagination of our highly skilled team to bring our collections to life. Each year we try harder than the last to improve and perfect our Holiday Homes - adding little touches and enhancements to the ones we know you love, whilst creating new ranges we hope you'll love just as much.

But how did it all begin?

ABI comes from the formation of Ace and Belmont back in 1972. Back then we learnt just how much dedication and commitment it takes to create stylish ranges, which capture the imagination of the parks and approved dealers we work with. Not to mention our highly valued ABI Holiday Homeowners.
Today, ABI is a thriving Holiday Home manufacturer with the sole focus of creating practical, comfortable and stylish leisure homes. From our 14 acre site in the heart of Beverley, East Yorkshire, we plan, design and hand build each individual Holiday Home. And we're proud to say that 40 years on, we have grown to become one of the most trusted and respected Holiday Home manufacturers in the UK.

You get more with ABI Holiday Homes

We have never been good at singing our own praises, instead, our focus has been on quietly putting more into our Holiday Homes, so you get more freedom to enjoy quality time together.
Each year we set ourselves a challenge to improve on our ranges from the year before. A challenge we don't take lightly. We have sleepless nights trying to find more ingenious ways to give you more space and storage. Our technical teams never stop looking for ways to add little touches that make our Holiday Homes more thermal efficient. And our design team agonises over just the right fabrics, colour schemes and layouts that really give you the space and feel you're looking for.
We approach everything we do as one team, signing off each part of the planning, design and build process. We rigorously test and inspect each individual Holiday Home that we hand build at our site in Beverley. And only then, when every member of our team is 100% happy, do our Holiday Homes begin their journey to the parks and approved dealers we work with.

Employing 300 local people in the heart of Beverley

Creating Holiday Homes our customers love is one thing, but knowing that from our site in the heart of Beverley, East Yorkshire, we employ 300 local people is something we're incredibly passionate about. We're proud to be building a British product, supporting our industry and employing new apprentices and graduates to ensure we're bringing new, fresh thinking into our business and passing on the skills and expertise of our talented craftspeople. It's our lasting legacy.

Helpful, dedicated, experts, down to earth; ..just a few of the words that have been used to describe us

We're a down to earth team of people with one thing in common… we're all proud of the fact that we build high quality Holiday Homes for our customers.
From our factory in Beverley, we work as one big team, carefully and painstakingly building the perfect Holiday Homes which offer years of enjoyment. Our collective experience is what really sets us apart, with many of our 300 strong workforce having been with us for over 20 years. Our team are experts in what they do and they know all of the little details which make a really big difference to you.
We take a hands-on, sleeves rolled-up approach to building our Holiday Homes and it's fair to say we're our own biggest critic. So we are never quick to launch a new range or shout about any improvement to our designs until we've tested them and we're completely happy.
Put simply, our talented team go to extraordinary lengths to make sure the ABI name is seen as a kitemark in quality standards and superior service.

We're so proud of our Holiday Homes, we put our names to them

Every ABI Holiday Home comes with a personal charter signed by each of the team involved in the design and build of your Holiday Home.
So when you step inside your Holiday Home for the first time, you'll find a signed charter which has the individual signatures of all of the people who painstakingly and meticulously created your Holiday Home.
So you can simply rest assured that your Holiday Home not only adheres to all of the industry standards you would expect but also the very highest standards in the UK.




Let us introduce you to a truly incredible way of life.

(click on the model name for full details of each model)


The Summer Breeze

There’s no better way to start your holiday home life.

 Prices from £17,730.92

 u.3.2018 the-summer-breeze.jpg u.3.2018 the-summer-breeze floor.jpg

The Oakley

Take in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Prices from £23,980.29

u.3.2018 the-oakley.jpg  u.3.2018 the-oakley-floor.jpg

The Blenheim

When you're away, it's always nice to feel at home.

Prices from £30,091.22

 u.3.2018 Blenheim-carousel.jpg u.3.2018 The-blenheim-floor.jpg

The Sunningdale

Everything you need from a holiday home and more

 Prices from £31,192.72

  u.3.2018 the-sunningdale-.jpg u.3.2018 the-sunningdale-floor.jpg

St David

Redesigned, reimagined and returning for 2018 in style.

Prices from £31,384.72

u.3.2018 st-david.jpg  u.3.2018 st-david-floor.jpg


The Derwent (WCF)

Everyone deserves to enjoy an ABI life. 

Prices from £33,348.51


u.3.2018 The-derwent-.jpg u.3.2018The-derwent-floor.jpg

   The Clarendon 

Style, space and luxury that really stands out from the crowd.

Prices from £32,507.93

u.3.2018 The-clarendon-.jpg u.3.2018 The-clarendon floor.jpg

The Malham

A new level of luxury, brand new for 2018.

Prices from £44,227.44

u.3.2018 the-malham-.jpg  u.3.2018 the-malham-floor.jpg

The Ambleside

Refined, elegant and really feels like home.

Prices from £48,042.77

u.3.2018 The-ambleside.jpg u.3.2018 Ambleside-floor.jpg

 The Beaumont

It's time to really indulge.

Prices from £58,846.61

u.3.2018 Beaumont-.jpg u.3.2018 The-beaumont-floor.jpg

 The Westwood

Experience holiday home living at its finest.

Prices from £61,603.14

u.3.westwood-6.2.jpg u.3.westwood-CGI.jpg


 The Harrogate

 Introducing The Harrogate, the very first holiday lodge by ABI.

 Prices from £112,366.75

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