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Delivery and Siting

Delivery and Siting

The transporting of your caravan holiday home, from either our showground or the holiday home manufacturers, to your park of choice is always carried out in a professional and safe manner.

Once your caravan holiday home has been delivered to your park of choice, the siting and commissioning of the caravan will either be organised by the caravan park or by ourselves.

Siting and commissioning would be where the caravan is moved on to its base, jacked off the ground to a height so the caravan doesn't rest on its wheels then levelled and supported by adjustable jacks and blocks. The caravan is then anchored and secured to the base at the four corners of the caravan.

Once this has been done the caravan can then be connected to the mains services i.e water, drains and electric supplies. The gas pipe from the caravan will be connected to either propane gas cylinders and a regulator or to a bulk tank via a gas meter located on the park. All gas appliances are then checked and a safety certificate is issued. The water system and electrics will also be tested at this time.

Once this is all completed and the park is ready to handover your caravan to you, either the park or we will then show you how the appliances work i.e boiler, cooker, fire, gas regulator etc and inform you about the winter drain down procedure.

The manufactures warranty will start once you have taken possession of your new holiday home. The term of the warranty may be different from manufacture to manufacture, but is normally for the 1st 12 month period of ownership. Please ask us about which manufacture offers what warranty period.

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  4. Combi Gas Boiler Manual, including System Commissioning Checklist & Service Record - Ariston 

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2, Lodge/Twin Unit Instalation & Siting Guide

  3, Adjustment Instructions for the TROJAN Flag External Door Hinge

 How to use our Instalation/Siting Guide

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 4, Combi Gas Boiler Manual, including System Commissioning Checklist & Service Record - Ariston
Click on image below to open a "PDF" copy of the Ariston Installation and Servicing Instructions.
u.3.Ariston E-Combi EVO.png
These 2 pages below must be filled in for the Manufacturers Warranty of the Gas Boiler and
left in the Caravan. In case of an Ariston Engineer been call out to a fault.
Page 69: The Gas Boiler System Commissioning Checklist 
  1. To be filled in by the Parks Gas Engineer, at the point of 1st commissioning the Gas Boiler.
  2. Signed by both the Parks Gas Engineer and the Owner/Purchaser of the Caravan. 
Page 70: The Gas Boiler Service Record
  1. This shows to the Ariston Engineer, that the heating system has been serviced regular and that the appropriate Service interval Record is completed.
 As with all appliances in a new caravan holiday home, i.e fridge, f/freezer, oven/hob, fire and boiler etc.
We would advised a new owner to contact the appliance manufacturer/supplier to ask about any extended warranty packages they may offer and its cost .